Farm to Table: Nagai Sake Edition

On Monday, April 29th, Farmer’s Apprentice and That’s Life Gourmet is presenting a rare dining experience showcasing Nagai Sake Inc. This event will feature special guest Noriyoshi Nagai, the 6th generation President of Nagai Sake Brewery.

Located in Kawaba Village in Gunma Prefecture, Nagai Sake Brewery has been brewing fine sake since 1886. Using a pure and clean water source from the Tone River, Nagai Sake Brewery focuses on producing high-quality sakes that showcase the environment and highlight the beauty of Kawaba Village. Nagai Sake Brewery uses modern technology while preserving traditional techniques to help introduce sake to the world.

Sake to be featured:

Tanigawadake Kokoro 

Tanigawadake Super Dry Junmai 

Tanigawadake Junmai Daiginjo 

Mizubasho Junmai Daiginjo Sui 

Yukihotaka Junmai Daiginjo*

Yukihotaka Sparkling*

* Only available at this event!


There are only 18 seats are available for this single seating event.  Tickets are 145.00 (including gratuity).

Farm to Table – Farm to Bottle


Join That’s Life Gourmet and Farmers Apprentice for the Riesling Edition of our Farm to Bottle dinner series on Monday, March 18th. We are excited to host our first long table dinner in the series, that will be served at Ubuntu Canteen at 4194 Fraser Street in Vancouver.


We will be exploring the complexity of the Riesling grape, an excellent example to examine the impact of terroir on wine characteristics and qualities.  Originating from the Rhine region Riesling is now grown on four continents. The Riesling grape produces wines that are dry, semi-sweet, sweet and even sparkling.  As always, the dinner will feature local, seasonal and organic fare, uniquely curated for the wine pairings we are presenting. Seating for the 6-course dinner and wine tasting will begin at 6:30 pm.


This event is a single seating with only 28 tickets available.
Tickets are $145 (includes gratuity)



Farm to Bottle: Sake Edition


You are invited to join That’s Life Gourmet and Farmer’s Apprentice on Monday February 11th, for the next edition of Farm To Bottle 2019. 


In this edition we will explore the world of sake with Kokuryu Sake Brewing Co., Sohomare Sake, and Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co. The menu will be a curated pairing menu to highlight the unique qualities of each sake that we will be serving that night.


Founded in 1804, Kokuryu Sake Brewing Co. in Fukui Prefecture; famous for the soft water that filters down from the Haku mountains into the underground river called Kuzuryu.


Sohomare Sake has been owned and operated by the Kono family since its founding in 1872 and is a prominent small sake brewery in the Tochigi region of Japan. For five generations the Kono family has devoted itself to the art of creating a truly regional sake that is made of the finest Yamada-nishiki rice and hand-brewed the old Kimoto way.


Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co., Ltd’s philosophy is “守破離 SHUHARI”: To employ innovation while preserving tradition to produce new standards. Founded in Yasaka, Kyoto in 1791. Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. has specialized in brewing premium and unique Japanese sake.



Kokuryu Jun Gin

Kuzuryu Junmai

Sohomare Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai

Sohomare Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo

Matsumoto Shuhari Yamdanishiki

Matsumoto Shuhari Gohyankumangoku


Due to availability, this is single seating event and only eighteen tickets will be available.  Tickets are $165, gratuity included. 6 course dinner commences at 630pm.




On Monday, January 21st, Farmer’s Apprentice and That’s Life Gourmet are presenting a rare dining experience showcasing the wines of Marchesi di Gresy. Owning one of the DOCG’s finest vineyards, this hidden gem is gently set in the hills of Langhe and Monerrato of Piedmont and is known for producing some of the best wines of Barbaresco.  The evening’s fare will be curated by George Webb and Bardia Ilbeiggi and company. 


Sharing great taste is one thing, but when values align there is something to be said. That’s Life Gourmet have been importing and representing fine wines with boutique, small volume producers since 1997.  They choose to only work with producers who share their passion for quality product, and a commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. It gives us nothing but pleasure to collaborate with such a like minded organization.



Featured Wines: 

Sauvignon Langhe 

Chardonnay Langhe

Barbera d’Asti 

Villa Martis Langhe

Barbaresco Martinenga

Barbaresco Camp Gros

Moscato d’Asti 



Due to availability, this is single seating event and only twenty-two tickets will be available for purchase for $145 taxes and gratuity included. 6 course dinner commences at 630pm.  


Join us in celebration of the last dinner of the year.



Every year we at Farmer’s Apprentice host a New Year’s Eve dinner to commemorate the year past, and to toast the year ahead. 2019 is going to shine bright, come and begin your evening of celebration with us. Our cuisine is seasonal fare from  local farmers, growers, and foragers.


We will be hosting two seatings at 530pm and 830pm. Tickets are $110 (plus tax and gratuity) with the option of pre-ordering beverages. Wine pairings are availble for an additional $45, and Marie Demets ‘tradition’ Brut NV, Champagne for $93 a bottle. There is a limit to 28 seats available per seating.