Tuesday to Friday
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


smoked olives     5

bread and butter     4

quiche of the day     8

soup of the day     6

spring harvest salad

olive oil fried sourdough, parmesan     9

open-faced smoked salmon sandwich

salsa verde, crème fraiche, preserved lemon     14

cauliflower salad   15

greens, pumpkin seed, yogurt, quail egg


charred greens, olives, parmesan     16

pork ragu, mushrooms    17


lambchetta, sorrel pesto, confit garlic     17

fish of the day    MP

three-egg omelette

mushroom, taleggio cheese , sourdough bread     15


mint sorbet

poached rhubarb     6

As we pride ourselves on placing a premium on the availability and seasonality of all ingredients, the lunch menu above is subject to slight changes.