Weekend Brunch

Saturday & Sunday
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

each / 3 for 15

beets, pumpkin seed

roasted potato, miso

sunchokes, apple, walnut pesto


longaniza sausage, sprouted lentils, poached eggs, beer pickled onions  17

mushrooms on brioche, poached eggs, spring harvest  16

einkorn, nettles, wild garlic, fried egg   16

spring harvest salad, prosciutto, croutons, soft boiled egg, preserved lemon  15

local rice bowl, pork belly, poached egg  17

sides & sweets

sourdough and brioche, jam & butter  5

buttermilk biscuit, jam 3

house smoked bacon 6

upside-down strawberry and blueberry cake   5

family-style option
available for $25/per person

As we pride ourselves on placing a premium on the availability and seasonality of all ingredients, the brunch menu is subject to change.